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The Inevitable Reality

Title: The Inevitable Reality
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Idea: StarCandy 50 Words Challenge Prompt #1: Helpless
Summary: Changmin never knew that a human life could be so fragile.

A/N: I apologize if the wording is a little weird. It was how the story sounded in my head.


Changmin thought he could handle being a policeman. A dream he always chased after since he was ten years old. He studied hard to get into the police academy despite his parents being against him for choosing such a dangerous job. But he never once thought that being a policeman was dangerous. All he knew was, that he liked fighting for the side of justice.

It was during those few years of training at the academy, that he met Kim Jaejoong. Jaejoong had entered into the academy around the same time he did, even though the other boy was two years older than he was. But because of the difference in age, he was put into another training group. It was around lunch time on their first day of training, when he had overheard a group of people wonder in awe about Kim Jaejoong's cooking.

He walked over, curious at what could be so special about a meal,

"Did you guys ever think that maybe his mom made it for him? How gullible can you guys get?"

Everyone that was crowded around Jaejoong, looked at Changmin as if he should mind his own business. But the answer that Jaejoong gave, was the start to many more sarcastic questions and witty replies.


"Jaejoong!" Changmin collapsed next to his partner in the snow. It was their first real police case and he was stupid enough to believe that it was anything like their training sessions. He realized just how dire their situation was when a shot rang through the silent night and blood spewed out from the bullet wound in his partner's chest.

Changmin sat stunned at the scene. He recalled many sessions on what they had to do when a partner was wounded, but he didn't think it would happen to him. Especially not on his first case.

He was too engrossed with the blood and the gasping sounds coming from his partner's lips to even realize that their killer was now pointing the gun at him.

"Changmin, get down!"

Changmin didn't react in time as the loud gunshot rang in his left ear. At the sound, he bent down and hugged Jaejoong tight against his chest. He flinched when he heard a thump next to him and shuffling footsteps approaching to where he knelt with Jaejoong bleeding in his arms.

"It'll be okay, Changmin-ah. Jaejoong-sshi will be all right," someone soothed him. But Changmin just shook his head and rocked the body in his arms. This was not the reality he had envisioned all those years ago.


The next minutes went by in a blur as the ambulance arrived and he followed Jaejoong into the vehicle, never letting go of the hand. From the moment they had arrived at the hospital to the moment when he was forced to leave Jaejoong's side, Changmin couldn't help but pace around the hospital halls waiting for some sign that the other man was alright.

"Stop pacing around. Jaejoong-sshi will be all right."

Changmin stopped, worry etched on his face, "You don't know that."

"It's just a bullet wound. Trust me, Jaejoong-sshi will be fine if the bullet isn't that deep," his senior assured him. But Changmin couldn't help it. He could still see the blood on his hands and remembered how close his partner was to dying in front of him. Seeing people dying in movies and actually seeing somebody's blood, was two different things.

They both waited until the doors to the ER opened and the doctor walked out.

"How is he, doctor?" Changmin heard the older man ask. The doctor nodded,

"He's safe. The bullet did graze a large artery in the chest, but we were able to sew it up just fine. Although, he might have some difficulty breathing for a few days while recovering."

"Did you hear that? Jaejoong-sshi's fine," the old man said. Changmin stared down at his shoes, unfazed by the good news,

"I'm . . . glad."


Changmin didn't know how long he had been siting next to the bed and staring at his partner, but he didn't care. He had been by Jaejoong's bedside the moment the doctor transferred the man into his room and for the past ten minutes, his senior tried to get him to go home, but he couldn't. Besides, if he overstayed his visit, the nurses would eventually come by and warn him that visiting hours would be over. But for now, he wanted to be in Jaejoong's presence.

He reached out and grasped Jaejoong's hand, rubbing circles on the skin with his thumb,

"I know how much the dream of being police officers meant to us. How we promised each other that we'd reached the top together. But I just can't do it anymore."

Soft sniffles broke the silence, "I can't handle it, Jaejoong. I can't handle the reality of this job. My parents were right. They were right all along. I realized something tonight, when you laid there bleeding. I don't think I'm ready to die yet. I-I don't think I have the courage to risk my life to protect someone. I'm just too scared."

Changmin held Jaejoong's hand tighter, "You won't get mad at me, right? I know I broke my promise. But I don't think I can do it. I --"

"Mr. Shim?"

Changmin looked over at the doorway to see the nurse standing there.

"Visiting hours are over."

Changmin nodded and stood up, loosening his grip on the other man's hand. He crossed the room to leave, when he heard a weak mutter,

"I'm . . . not mad . . ."

A sad smile flashed across his face as a tear ran down his cheek and Changmin nodded, signaling to the other man that he had heard the words. He left the hospital building and returned to the apartment he shared with Jaejoong. That whole night, he spent it writing his resignation.


Poor Minnie...
So were they in a relationship or just partners?
They were both. ^_^