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Lethal Promise

Title: Lethal Promise
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Idea: StarCandy 50 Words Challenge #33: Fly
Summary: What sounded like the beginning of a fight, was the opposite behind the scenes.

A/N: Honestly, I didn't like the introduction much because it seemed too forced. But it felt weird when I didn't add any background to the prompt. So, hope you aren't too disappointed. Also, if you want to listen to the particular video in this fic, here's the episode: Bigeastation Ep. 20


Changmin used to like his schedules, it meant that they were getting more popular as the demand for their presence at TV shows and radio programs increased. But now, it was like a routine and it wasn't fun when he couldn't be himself. So when management suggested that they run their own radio show, he was the first one to jump on the idea.

After the first day of broadcasting their very own radio show called Bigeastation, the response was better than expected. Changmin got even more psyched when a segment called Toho Psychology was introduced. Although they were tests made randomly by fans of their radio show, some were spot on while others were not even close to showcasing their correct personality.

So when another Toho Psychology segment was given, he wondered if there will be any tests that were unique, interesting and well made. He found one.

"Let's move on to the next test. Radio name, Sei-san. In front of you, there's a huge wall. There's a person there hitting the wall with his bare hands and destroying it. Who is it?"

Changmin smiled as he finished reading the question and looked at both Jaejoong and Yunho, waiting for their answers. He especially wanted to know what Jaejoong thought.

"Isn't that person . . . Changmin?"

Changmin was slightly surprised that his name came up, but he had already expected it especially with the way they fanserviced their couple as being soulfighters. Although he should've been happy that Jaejoong thought of him, but for this particular test, he wasn't happy at all.

"Why is it Changmin?" Yunho asked and Changmin wanted to know the reason as well.

"Changmin . . ." Jaejoong started but peeked up at Changmin before casting his eyes down on the table,

"When he gets mad, he sometimes punch the wall. He even hits the wall at night for no reason at all. When I see that, I get scared."

Even with a good reasoning as that, Changmin didn't care. After having read the answer, he was definitely going to have to punish Jaejoong tonight.

"Now, shall I reveal the answer?" Changmin looked over at Jaejoong and noticed his hyung avoiding his eyes,

"The answer . . . it's rather interesting. The person that you chose, is the one you want to hit so hard that you want to send them flying."

"I'm happy with my answer!" Changmin heard Jaejoong said and it was probably because of his late night request for food. But the revenge was mediocre. What he had planned though, would have Jaejoong begging. Literally.

"It looks like Jaejoong hyung wants to start a fight, huh?" Changmin smiled. Jaejoong waved his hands,

"I meant well. Actually, I was thinking of sending you flying to a nice place, like heaven! It's because I like Changmin, who is the youngest and cutest. That's why I thought of you."

Changmin shuffled his radio script, "You really came up with a good excuse, didn't you?"

Jaejoong bit his lip and played with his hands. Changmin wanted to exact his revenge and while Yunho tried to wrap up the segment, he leaned closer to his left and placed his lips at Jaejoong's ear, whispering lowly and dangerously so no one else could hear,

"You'll send me flying to heaven? Baby, I'll make you fly even higher."

Changmin sat back with a satisfied smirk when he saw Jaejoong shivered with pleasure from the corner of his eyes and throughout the rest of the radio show, Jaejoong couldn't help but replay the promise over and over again in his head.


I dont know why but i think that Changmin whispering to Jae is...sexy XD
Yes. When I wrote that part, I was blushing because I could visualize Changmin doing that. XD
Haha so cute! Lame excuse there jae. Just prepare to fly high tonight. XD
Yup, Jae's excuse was so weak, Changmin didn't believe it. ^^