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Friend Locked

Just comment here to be added. And tell me where you found me or how you came upon my fics. =)

*Oh, and for those who are wondering why you added me, but I didn't add you it's because I couldn't find anything on your profile to indicate who you are. Sorry for being picky, I'm just being cautious.


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:oo I have to be added >< so yes =3 preez
For Twilight and Anime fics, I won't lock them except for the explicit ones. Don't worry. =) But if you're reading my DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ fics, then yes they're locked.
Please add me back ><
I really wanna read all your dbsk fics because i just love the way you wrote yoochun/changmin in Some Call It Embarassing :)
Thanks =) And added!
added me pleeeeaaaassseee.. (>_<)
Added :)
Hello! I read your last Minsu and then went to your masterlist and some of the plots seem good! so I want to read them please?
also I'll check your recc list :3
I'm sure I spoke to you on the old 6theory ot5 forum. I also remember that you wrote stories on fanfiction.net.

I saw your reclist on tumblr and came here. Please add me. I'd like to read your stories.

Ah ~ I knew the name was familiar when you added me on tumblr. Sure. =)

hi :)

I stumbled into your blog through a google search of a leaf and read your "remember me" post and would like to read more. :)

Please add me back?

Please add me back? ^.^ I'd like to read your stories...
huummm I've been reading your stories for a while now but really haven't given any comment to you... I will though, in the future, it's a promise...he he

I forgot where I found you ^.^= if not from JaeHo_detox, than it's Starcandy since I am a member in both comm... I've put a track on your entry all this time

Re: Please add me back?

I'm thinking you found me in Starcandy since I haven't posted any YunJae stories to any community yet. ^_^

Sure, I added you back.
I've stumble here yesterday after searching around for a rec list and later found out that you write fic as well... I only read your Minjae till now. But it isn't locked. Anyway, please add me back, I'd love to follow your DBSK/JYJ fics...^^
Added. ^_^
I just saw you on jaeho_detox. Could you pretty please with cherry on top add me? I wish to read your fics! </p>

By the way, I'm Lola! 20yrs old from NYC and Cassie since 2 years ago! ^^

Added. And welcome ^_^
hi! can u add me?please
..i want to read your ff
That depends on which fic you're reading. Some fics are not locked. But if you want to read the ones that are locked, then I guess I'll add you. ^^
can u add me please?? i found you through hug_____

thanks zoey
I really want to read your locked fics
so, please can you add me back and i found you through hug_____
please add me...pweety pwees? need that yunjae for the day... :)
YunJae? I've only written one YunJae fic and it's public view. If you're talking about the YunJae recommendation, then it's also public.

. . . ?
Do you still write if so i would like to be added, im attempting to write but get writers block way to often.. We need more good dbsk fan fiction writers ^^
There are some stories on here that are un-locked, so you can read them. ^^
If you wanted to friend me because of my Chaptered stories, then you don't need to. ^^ It's because I haven't written them yet. I'm focusing on my two chaptered stories right now and once I'm finished with them, I will start on the others. But it really depends on which stories that you're waiting for because some of them will be friend-locked and others I will post it publicly.
Hello , I'm grace , I really wanna read your fics so please add me . I just login here with twitter so there' s nothing you can find on my journal . I just make an account for reading purposes only, I am so addicted to dbsk :) . I mean no harm, you can check my twitter. I ' ll behave I promise :))
Sure I'll add you. ^^ What's your livejournal username?
Hi~~ add me back so I can read your dbsk fics juseyoooo
Hi! I stumbled across your site through starcandy. Im still relatively new to LJ. Ive been checking out your fic rec list. Thank you for having those! I dont write, only read, but I try not to be a silent reader since I know how hard everyone works. :)
I used to read some of ur unlocked jaemin fics, but now suddenly wants to read the others, which unfortunately are locked. So here I am adding you~ ;P add me back please? XD
I like your rec list =)
Hope to be added back

greetings from Germany
Hey! I really wanna read all your dbsk fics so.. Please add me back!
Thank you :))
Hey its Misha from India...came across ur fics through recommendation...but sadly I couuldnt get to access them..so I am adding u..and if u dont Mind can u plzz add me back... ^_^^_^
oh no, what happened here?
Is this just for this fic (replacement lover) or for all your fics?
I want to keep on Reading...
This rule was put up ever since I made this livejournal.

Half of my fics are locked and half are for public viewing. So if you're here for Replacement Lover, you don't really have to add me as long as you read it before 72 hours are over. =)

If you're talking about my other fics rather than Replacement Lover, then you can check my masterlists to the right. Those with the asterisk will be friend-locked and those without, you can read them without adding me.

Edited at 2014-07-24 09:25 am (UTC)
Miri, I added you days ago but forget to comment here. Please add me since I want to read your JoongShim stories :) Thanks in advance dear.
please add me to your friends list so that i can enjoy the fanfics that you've written.
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