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Only You [1/??]

Title: Only You
Pairing: Yunho/Yoochun, Changmin/Jihyo, Junsu/Jaejoong
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Incest
Idea: Plot Idea by Serkadios@nanowrimo.org
Summary: The human race has split into two nations; one for men and the other for women. The government has stripped them all from anything sexual pertaining to the opposite sex. So, how will love prevail in a society so broken and will anyone ever bring the community back to the way it was before?

"You should move back to your side of the room before they come in to check up on us," a deep voice whispered, which sounded much louder than intended. Yunho groaned into the pillow before turning on his back with slight difficulty due to the small bed size that he didn't find so small last night when he climbed into his boyfriend's bed.

"Can't I stop caring? I'm tired of hiding," Yunho said, raising an arm to shield his eyes from the sun's rays that peeked in through the curtains. He then jerked in surprised when a finger jabbed playfully into his side. Yunho looked over at his boyfriend and noticed a hint of fear in brown eyes. He sat up quickly in annoyance,

"Damn it!"

The other boy pouted at Yunho's reaction and Yunho scratched his hair in frustration,

"Fine! Fine! I'll behave since tonight is the night where we have to leave our separate ways anyway."

Yunho looked back at his lover who looked rumpled with sleep and reached forward to brush his thumb at the corner of his lover's red lips,

"I hate this. I wish I could have you only, Yoochun-ah . . ."

Yoochun reached up to grasp the hand that lay gently on his cheek, "But we can't have everything in life, Yunho."

Yunho drew Yoochun to his chest, kissing the crown of the shorter boy's head,

"I love you. No matter what."


"Do you think I could meet with Jihyo-nuna again?"

Yunho watched the tall boy ask with a blissful expression on his face. He didn't want to break the bad news to the younger boy that their "system" didn't work that way. There was a reason why their government had decided a long time ago to separate the two genders and create a rule where they were to never interact or have any type of feelings for the opposite sex. They were supposed to remain emotionless and procreate; like a bunch of robots.

It was the same ritual every single month on a certain week where the government allowed them to see the opposite sex, meet at an area somewhere between the two worlds, procreate, then to never see the opposite sex until the following month. But there would be a month put aside out of the whole year to let the women who were in labor, give birth. And after raising the child until they were four-years old, the male children will then be forced to separate from their mothers whether they want to or not, and then live for the rest of their lives with the rest of the male population. Of course, there was a large chance of incest within the population, but the government officials didn't pay attention to that serious detail, instead they continued to focus on increasing the population in hopes to create a large enough army to fend off any unsuspecting invaders.

It had been three years since Yunho had been forced into the system against his will and his first time with a girl was so horrible that it filled him with guilt when he went to bed that night. He learned over the years to block out any type of emotion, the very thing that the government had expected everyone to do and it worked for the following year until his heart learned to bleed once again when Park Yoochun came into his life.

Yunho smiled nostalgically about the day when he first met the other boy. He had been sleeping when there was a knock on his door. Thinking that he was late for the morning meeting, he scrambled to put on some clothing and answered the door, only to see his floor officer standing there with a boy no older than he was, behind him.

"Hyung . . ."

"He'll be your roommate from now on. There was some complaints from his last roommate and you were the only person in this housing to have an empty bed," the man explained to Yunho. Yunho was a little annoyed that someone would be rooming with him. He rather have his space than share it with a stranger. But he knew better than to defy any order made by the government officials, so he raked his eyes up and down the lanky body before opening the door wider,

"Come in."

The man turned to the boy behind him, "Go in and be sure to come down to the meeting hall in an hour."

The boy nodded, waiting for the man to leave before turning his gaze over to the other boy who didn't look him in the eyes.

"Is there something wrong with my face? Why won't you look at me?"

Yunho snapped his head up, "Do I have to look at your face to acknowledge you? It's enough that I have to share a room with someone, so don't push it."

The boy decided to let the argument die. There was no other place for him to sleep, might as well compromise with the boy,

"Sorry. So, is that where I'm going to sleep?"

Yunho nodded and cleaned up the mess on the unoccupied bed and dumped it on his own bed. The boy waited until his side of the room was cleaned before he began unpacking his belongings. He was happy that there was an unused bookshelf on his side of the room.

"You're not using the bookshelf, right?"

Yunho looked up in the middle of folding his clothes, "No."

The boy smiled for the first time and it caught Yunho's breath, gasping audibly. He turned away to avoid letting the other boy know what had transpired. Yunho peeked back to watch the other boy as the boy shelfed what looked to be a collection of manhwas. A large collection to be exact.

Yunho cleared his throat to catch the other boy's attention, "What's your name?"

The boy stopped and turned around, "Park Yoochun. You?"

It shocked Yunho at how easily the boy gave his name. He expected the boy to give him some sort of fight,

"Ah . . . it's no fun."

"Excuse me?" Yoochun asked. There was a slight bit of anger laced in the boy's voice and Yunho realized that he had said his words out loud.

"Were you testing me? To see that if I defied you, so you would have a reason for throwing me out?"

Yunho glared at the boy, "No. Now hurry up and pack so we can get down to the meeting hall and get it over with."

"No," Yoochun said and took a few steps forward, fisting his hands in the front of Yunho's shirt,

"I decided to let it go the first time around, but the second time I won't. If you have a problem with me staying with you, then why didn't you say so in the beginning, that way I don't have to be treated like a child by trash like you."

Yunho stumbled back onto his bed at the push, "Trash?"

Yoochun scoffed, arms crossed about his chest, "Yes, trash."

For Yunho, that was the last straw before his patience snapped.


Yunho stood still as the wooden stick came at his calf once again and he forced himself not to flinch at the pain. He reminded himself that the pain delt by the man didn't even compare to how his pride was feeling at that moment. He looked over at the other boy and wanted to scoff when he noticed wet trail of tears down the boy's cheeks.

What a crybaby.

"Stop crying! If you don't want to get hit, then don't get into a fight!" the man shouted, raising the stick again and Yunho could see Yoochun flinching when the stick met his flesh. After a few more strikes, they were let out of the room, limping. Yunho took another look at the boy and felt the need to apologize, but before he could let his guilt swallow him up, the sound of running echoed in the empty hallway. He looked up to see a boy running their way and engulfing Yoochun into a tight hug,

"Yoochun-ah! Are you okay?"

Yunho heard Yoochun mumble something in reply and he was about to turn and leave when a voice stopped him,

"You. You're Yoochun's new roommate, right?"

Yunho rolled his eyes. He really didn't want to deal with this. He was perfectly fine living his life alone until Yoochun came into his life and now he couldn't walk anywhere without drama following close at his heels.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Are you the one responsible for causing Yoochun to have a mark on his skin?" the voice growled.

"Jaejoong . . . it's okay. I'm okay." Yunho heard Yoochun mutter. He scoffed aloud. This was getting stupid.

"Did you just scoff?" the voice asked once again. Yunho balled up his fists and turned around,

"Who are you to gang up on me like this?! I'm as much of an innocent bystander as he is! If it wasn't for his stupid roommate, he wouldn't have to come into my room and bother me and then he wouldn't have gotten punished. If it's anyone's fault, it's his roommate's!"

The boy sucked in a breath and he narrowed his eyes, "His roommate's fault?!"

Yunho stuck his chin out, "Yes, it's his fault."

Yunho knew he should've learned his lesson the first time, but apparently he didn't and couldn't see the fist flying at him until it was too late.


Yunho blinked his eyes at the painful memory of meeting Yoochun's best friend for the first time and he began to get a migraine just thinking about it.

"Hyung? Are you even listening?"

Yunho looked up to see the boy sitting across from him with a worried look on his face and he remembered what the boy was talking about earlier before he had a flashback about Yoochun. He swallowed and only felt sadness for the boy. He remembered when he was around the boy's age when he was forced to have sex with a girl he barely knew. He remembered telling the man who was overlooking his dorm floor, that he didn't want to go and got lashings instead. Then he remembered he was forced by the arm to a location somewhere between the world he lived in and where the other opposite sex stayed. The woman that sat in the room on his first night; he remember her expression clearly. It was of fear, just like he felt.


"Sorry, babe but that'll only happen by luck I'm afraid," said a voice, one that effectively brought Yunho out of his past memories. The tall boy in front of him bristled at the mocking voice and Yunho couldn't help but watch in amusement when the boy glared at the newcomer,

"You! Haven't you had enough of teasing me?!"

The older boy smiled and pinched the latter's cheeks, "You're like a new toy that hasn't been broken in yet. So, I'm having fun doing just that."

"Jaejoong, stop it," Yunho massaged his temple. Jaejoong frowned,

"What? It's fun."

"Wh-What do you mean by luck?" the boy asked. Yunho looked up with a glare at Jaejoong to prevent the older boy from explaining the truth to the newbie but Jaejoong needed the boy to see the truth. The earlier, the better.

"Luck, as in you don't get to choose who you have sex with."

"Jaejoong!" Yunho shouted. Jaejoong glared,

"What? Don't string him along, Yunho. He's not a little baby anymore."

"Jaejoong," Yunho warned but Jaejoong turned back to the taller boy who was lost in his thoughts with a broken expression on his face.

"Don't you remember the rules given to you on your 16th birthday? You're not allowed to have feelings for the opposite sex. You can't even think about them, because if you do, you become greedy. Do you know what they do with greedy people?" Jaejoong asked. The boy blinked and Jaejoong leaned in close with a smirk,

"They kill them."

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^_^ Yay!
omo!!! what a story!!! very intriguing!!!
cant wait for next chapter
I'm glad it's interesting! ^_^ Thanks for reading!
i don't want to live in that kind of world...poor guys
It's a messed up world. For now it'll be rough, but sooner or later it'll be better. ^_^
I like it! I read it yesterday but forgot to comment lol

It's an interesting plot and with my favourite couple, so~ yeah! I'll be anticipating each chapter :3
Lol, it's okay if you forget to comment once in a while. ^_^

Honestly, when I found this plot I wanted to write YunJae. But their relationship was so complex that I couldn't write it. And at the time I made a 2U fanvid and then I imagined 2U with this plot and it clicked.

I hope you'll continue to anticipate. ^^