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Quick Remedy For Boredom

Title: Quick Remedy For Boredom
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Warning: Un-Beta'd
Idea: StarCandy 50 Words Challenge Prompt #25: Painting
Summary: Changmin only agreed to come to his husband's art gallery opening for the moral support and nothing more.

Changmin stood off to the side, sipping on champagne. It wasn't that the event was boring, in fact, he loved painting himself. He was a minor in Art and major in Business. But he was here because it was the opening of his husband's very own art gallery.

He smiled when he spotted his husband conversing with some important-looking people that he vaguely remembered his husband saying before distracting the other man with a kiss.

"What are you doing smirking by yourself? You're going to make everyone think that my brother married a loopy man whose mind isn't all that there."

Changmin raised a brow at his brother-in-law and took another sip from his champagne,

"I could say the same thing to you. I would never imagine that you two were brothers. Clearly, Jaejoong was blessed with all the looks."

The other man rolled his eyes, "Jae can have all the looks. I'm happy that I got the smarts in the family."

Changmin almost snorted into his drink at what his brother-in-law was saying.

"Oh, Chunnie. You made it."

Yoochun smiled at the presence of his brother, "Jae, congratulations."

"Thanks," Jaejoong said and turned to Changmin with a pout,

"Aren't you going to mingle? Don't stand there like a sore thumb."

"That's what I told him," Yoochun sneered and Changmin glared back equally,

"You said no such thing."

"Changmin's being crabby because he's not the center of your attention," Yoochun smirked and moved behind his brother to avoid the death look Changmin was giving him.

"Are you now a self-proclaimed mind reader?" Changmin scoffed and took another sip of his drink. Jaejoong huffed, hating the way his brother and husband always butted heads. He moved to the side so that Yoochun wasn't hiding behind him,

"Whether Yoochun's a mind reader or you're being crabby, just go out and talk to people. I have to get back before people might wonder where the host is."

"Wait," Changmin snaked an arm around his husband's waist and pecked at the pouty lips, "There. You can go back now."

Yoochun groaned at the affection, "I'm going to find my own husband and then we're going to leave. I'd hate to see a train wreck happening."

Jaejoong pressed closer against Changmin's body and smiled,

"Say hi to Yunho for me, will you?"

Yoochun waved him off and hurried off. He could tell that people were slowly focusing their attention on the couple in the middle of the room. Changmin knew that the attention was on them, but he found that he didn't care as he pulled Jaejoong closer to his chest,

"Do you want to attend to those important people now?"

Jaejoong frowned and hid his face in his husband's tuxedo, "No. All thanks to you and your kisses."

"So, you want to find an empty room?" Changmin asked with a knowing smirk and Jaejoong nodded into his chest.

"What about your paintings?" Changmin smiled.

Jaejoong growled lowly, "Fuck my paintings."

Changmin chuckled and pulled Jaejoong along, hoping to find an empty room before his husband changed his mind and decided to punish him by forcing him to sleep on the couch.


a slight of 2U which make me curious :D
XD But I've no plans for them. They randomly appeared. ^^

Edited at 2013-06-22 12:23 am (UTC)
awww it was cuteee... but min is evil... why wouldhe punish jae for no reason? :/
Lol. It's Changmin that's going to get punished. Not Jae. XD Sorry if I didn't make that part clear. ^^
Sneaky min is sneaky! Hahahaha brother jaechun is cute!! Along with ninja!2U! S
There should be more JaeChun as brothers. ^^
2u. they're both so male, as in so male. i don't know how to put it. *pauses a while* they're just so male.
lol. that's the third time.
but they're so MALE. sorry. fourth time. i need to stop that. it's like they're so male macho and sorts. i need to find a 2u fic. i'm sure that i read it, but i've probably blocked it out. but oh, OuO i liked the minchun bickering. OuO
Does 2U turn you off? I'm sorry.
no! it doesn't! how could any pairing in dbsk turn anyone off, omg. it's just hard to see it happening. like i just don't know who'd be sticking the one in. hahaha. like they're all so male, you know. haha.
^^ I guess...
cute <3
Thanks! ^^