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Me And My Big Mouth

Title: Me And My Big Mouth
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG
Idea: StarCandy 50 Words Challenge #6: Collection
Summary: Changmin heard stories about a weirdo in their school, but he never thought that he'd actually meet the person face to face.

"Damn, I think I answered #14 wrong," Changmin muttered as he stood over the toilet. He had just finished an exam that was worth 10% of his grade and it took him about an hour to finish, all the while holding his pee in. When he finally had turned his exam in, he made a beeline for the bathroom and sighed in content when he was able to empty his bladder. But while he continue to relieve himself, his mind went back to the test and mentally went over the questions in his head again.

Pouting at the thought of not having the full hundred mark, Changmin flushed the toilet and washed his hands while fixing his hair back in place. However, just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse, the moment he stepped out of the bathroom, a loud piercing sound rang throughout the building. It was a sound that he had heard before which meant that the school was having a lockdown. He quickly went to find a classroom to close himself in, but they were all locked and he cursed under his breath when he couldn't find a room that was unlocked.

So he went with his last resort, the janitor's closet. Changmin easily located the room and wasn't surprised that it was unlocked. It was a known fact told by all the teachers that whenever a lockdown started, one had to find a classroom to hide in. But with all the classrooms on his floor currently locked because of the practice drill, he had to find someplace else to seclude himself in.


Changmin froze with a hand on the handle. He was surprised that someone else was also locked out of the classroom. He peeked out to see who it was and almost pulled the door closed at the person. But before he could shut the door, a hand suddenly latched onto the door. The student looked at him with a smile,

"Do you think I could stay with you until the lockdown is over? I was running an errand for my teacher when the lockdown happened."

Changmin wanted to tell the boy that he didn't ask for his reasoning and silently stepped aside to let the boy inside.

"My name is Kim Jaejoong," the boy introduced himself when the door was closed. Changmin bit his lip and stared at the wall. He couldn't wait until the lockdown was over with so he could be far away from Kim Jaejoong. Everyone in the whole school knew about Kim Jaejoong and how he was a weird and unusual student. The one thing that made everyone avoid him, was the boy's hobby of collecting color pencil shavings. It was a strange hobby, but the boy had defended himself by saying that he loved the colors that the shavings made. Still, that alone was enough to have the entire student population outcast him.

"Ah . . ." Jaejoong's voice snapped him out of it. Changmin looked at the older boy and sneered,


Jaejoong leaned against the wall next to a mop. Changmin watched the boy's face scrunch up in disgust at the dirty equipment before resuming his speech. Jaejoong cocked his head,

"You're one of those groupies, aren't you?"

"Excuse me?" Changmin was no one's groupie. The only person he followed was himself. Every opinion he had, was formed from his own thoughts and no one else's. Jaejoong crossed his arms and rolled his eyes,

"Don't tell me you haven't heard the news going around the school lately or are you playing pretend?"

"I heard the news. The one where no one should associate themselves with the student who has a weird hobby? Why? Aren't you used to it already?" Changmin asked haughtily. Jaejoong sneered,

"How can I get used to having the whole school avoid me like the plague? It's annoying. Just because my hobby is something that isn't normally collected, doesn't mean that everyone has to ignore me. I have feelings too."

Changmin was quiet as he listened to the boy's story. He felt pity for Jaejoong, but not enough to make any move to become closer to the older boy.

"So, you haven't answered my question," Jaejoong said, "Are you a groupie or not? With the way you're trying to keep your distance from me, states that you are."

Changmin sighed, "You may call me a groupie, but the reasoning is nobody's but my own."

"Fine," Jaejoong pushed himself off the wall, "Then if you're not letting other's influence your opinion of me, then what is your reason?"

"I just don't like people. It's that simple. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to get my education and find a job to support myself in the future," Changmin said to the wall. Jaejoong chuckled in amusement,


Changmin stiffened when the older boy walked closer and flinched when a finger poked his cheek. Jaejoong giggled,

"You're scared."

"Am not," Changmin pressed himself against the wall and prayed for the lockdown to be over, but Jaejoong continued to taunt him,

"Are too. Afraid you'll catch my disease?"

Changmin flinched again and Jaejoong burst into giggles, "So cute. No wonder the girls can't stop following you. You're like a little puppy begging to be cuddled."

Just then another loud piercing sound rang through the building and Changmin almost leapt for joy. Jaejoong stepped back to let the younger boy have some breathing space,

"Before you run away like a scaredy-cat, will you tell me your name?"

Changmin blinked, "Huh?"

"Your name. I want to know it," Jaejoong said with annoyance. Changmin straightened up, but never left his space by the wall. He raised an eyebrow,


Jaejoong placed a hand on his hip, "I want to know the name of my new friend, of course."

Changmin let his jaw drop a little, "Friend? Did you not hear what I just said earlier?"

Jaejoong pursed his lips and nodded, "I did. But that's you. I'm talking about me here. I want you to be my friend."

"Why?" Changmin asked again and Jaejoong just shrugged,

"I need some friends, might as well start from a boy who doesn't like me not because of my unusual hobby, but because he hates people in general."

Changmin made a face, "You are weird."

"So, do you want to be my friend or not?" Jaejoong asked. Changmin could tell that the older boy wasn't taking a 'No' for an answer and so he rolled his eyes,

"Like you'd give me any other choice."

Jaejoong smiled and moved to the door first, "So are you going to tell me your name?"

Changmin sighed, "It's Shim Changmin."

"Changmin," Jaejoong tested the name on his tongue and cocked his head as a smirk appeared on his lips, "Minnie . . . I like it."

Changmin frowned at the nickname. He hated nicknames. He was given a name since birth and it was the only name that people were allowed to call him.

"Not Minnie. It's Changmin," Changmin said with a glare. Jaejoong grinned, nodding nonchalantly,

"Changmin's too long of a name. I like Minnie better. It's cute."

Changmin growled lowly in his throat at the detested nickname. Jaejoong chuckled and pulled open the door,

"See you later, Minnie!"

Changmin followed the older boy out of the room and into the hallway where he watched the retreating back with a scowl. He shouldn't have agreed to becoming friends with Kim Jaejoong. He should've kept his mouth closed and never interacted with the other boy. Now he had nowhere to escape but accept his fate of being the outcast's friend.

"Ugh, what did I get myself into?"

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq/jyj, pairing: changmin/jaejoong
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