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Another Chance With You

Title: Another Chance With You
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong, Implied Changmin/FC
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13 for slight violence
Idea: StarCandy 50 Words Challenge Prompt #49: Time Travel
Warning: Un-beta'd
Summary: People were given many chances to right their mistake, but Changmin only needed one to make things right again.


Jaejoong jumped in his seat at the scare, his knee accidentally hitting the table, and the glassware on top, clattered noisily. He ducked his head in apology to the other customers in the restaurant and sent a glare at his husband,

"Don't scare me like that."

Changmin sat down in his seat, chuckling with mismatched eyes,


Just as Changmin sat down, Jaejoong looked around in confusion,

"But weren't you in the bathroom a second ago?"

"I just wanted to see you a bit sooner," Changmin answered with a smile. But in actuality, he had already lived through this particular scene once before and he regretted every moment of his life that he wasn't there to prevent his lover's death.


"Do you remember this restaurant, Minnie-ah? It's the place where we first met."

Changmin grunted distractedly. He had agreed to go on a date with his husband just to waste time so that he could go on a real date with his mistress later that evening. Just the thought of her curvy waist and long, thin legs wrapping around his hips as he pounded her into the mattress had him hard in an instant.

"Minnie-ah. Are you listening?"

He looked up at his husband pouting and faked a smile that didn't reflect in his eyes and his husband noticed that.

"You're bored."

At his husband's statement, Changmin quickly dismissed it saying that he was having fun. Then he felt his phone vibrating against his thigh and tried to contain the happiness from showing on his face as he stood up.

"I'm going to the restroom."

Without a look back at his husband, Changmin made his way around tables of customers to the restroom. Once inside the closed space, he pulled out his phone and picked up the call, the smile on his face shining brightly,


He spent the next few minutes chatting with his mistress on how bored he was having to go on a date with his husband when he rather spend it with her. In the middle of chuckling at her desperate whines, he was startled out of his skin by the sound of gunshots out in the main hall. He gave the girl on the other line a quick goodbye before ending the call and rushing out of the restroom to see customers gathering around a particular area where he had last left his husband at.

Even though he told himself many times in his head that the flames between him and Jaejoong had died years ago, he couldn't help but pray that his husband wasn't in the middle of that crowd. However, his fears turned reality when he found Jaejoong lying in a pool of blood with two gunshot wounds to the chest.

He remembered running his hands through the blood, hearing someone quickly say that two people in black came in and walked up to his husband then shot him in point-blank range. He remembered feeling regret and anger as he held his husband's body to his chest, screaming hoarsely for someone to call 119. But, by the end of that night, he left the hospital alone with bloody clothes, vowing to get revenge. And revenge he got.


Changmin shook his head lightly at the memory.

I hope the me in this world won't mind if I take his place. I doubt he wouldn't mind replacing me in mines, considering there's no Jaejoong there.


He looked up and smiled in apology, "Sorry, what is it?"

The other man frowned in thought, biting his lip in a way that made him irresistible,

"I know we haven't been close lately like we used to, and I'm really trying --"

Changmin pulled his eyes away from his husband when he spotted movement in his peripheral vision and looked up to see two men dressed in black making their way over.

"Two people in black came in and walked up to him and then shot him in the chest at point-blank range."

He pulled out a gun from his belt that he had prepared just before time traveling into the parallel world he was in now, and waited until the men got close before standing up and shooting them both in the chest. Jaejoong, who was busy talking about how sorry he was, looked up in horror at the loud noise.

"Changmin-ah . . . What?"

Changmin could tell that Jaejoong was confused with what was going on, taking a glance at the two dead men and then at him. But Changmin focused on his conversation with the person on the other line, explaining to her what had happened and asked for an ambulance. When he finished his call, he looked around the room at the stunned customers before apologizing on his behalf for scaring them. Then he finally turned to his husband with a small smile,

"Shall we go? If the police finds us, they'll want to take us in for questioning. And I'd hate for us to tell them about our relationship with these guys, wouldn't you?"

He took a hold of Jaejoong's hand when the other man nodded and placed a couple of bills on the table before he lead them out of the building. Once they were both outside, Changmin pulled his husband close and decided to answer his husband's curious eyes,

"They're mafia goons sent by the Jung Corporation. The leader, Jung Yunho wanted to shake your father by having you killed. I caught wind of their presence earlier when we walked in and didn't want to tell you. Sorry."

Changmin saw Jaejoong shake his head and linked arms with him, feeling the other man lay his head on his shoulder,

"No, don't be. I'm glad you didn't tell me. If you had, it would probably make things obvious and you wouldn't have succeeded in killing them otherwise."

Changmin hugged the older man tighter against his side, pulling out his cellphone again. He wanted to contact Jaejoong's father and let him know that everything was fine and that Jaejoong was okay.

Jaejoong closed his eyes and listened to his lover's voice. He really missed being this intimate with Changmin and wondered if tonight was the night they would share the same bed again. He opened his eyes just as Changmin ended the call and a glint of gold caught his eyes from the street lamp above them,

"What's that?"

Changmin pocketed his phone and looked over at his lover when the other man pulled away from his side, "What?"

"That watch. You weren't wearing it when we left the house," Jaejoong said and Changmin brought up his left arm and stared at the gold watch. Changmin smiled at the memory of how he got the watch in the first place.

After dealing with his husband's funeral back in his own world, he sought out his childhood friend, Kim Junsu. The man was a genius when it came to engineering and one of the man's passion was to someday build a time machine that would take them to the past or even to the distant future. But the plan would fall through every single time. Changmin pleaded with the other man to build something that would take him back in time, but Junsu told him that he didn't have anything like that. Instead, he did invent something many years before when he worked as an intern that was sort of like time traveling, but different.

Junsu had given him a gold watch, stating that it had the same abilities as a time machine, but instead of taking the user through time in their own world, the user would be able to travel through time to a different universal plane into a parallel world, which would also mean that the other him in that parallel world, would have to switch places and be sent into his world in his place so that the balance of the universe wasn't thrown off. Although the theory of a parallel universe was still in discussion and no one knew if such place existed, it was still worth a shot. But Changmin was desperate and when he opened his eyes next, he was happy with the result, realizing where he was.

"Changmin-ah . . . That's the third time you've blanked out on me."

Changmin pulled his husband close again, "Sorry, sorry. I won't blank out on you again."

Jaejoong pouted, "So? You didn't tell me how you got that expensive watch."

Changmin chuckled at the word choice that was used to describe the hunk of metal on his arm,

"It was a gift from a good friend of mine."

The other man blinked, "Really? Do you think he'll buy me one too?"

Changmin chuckled outloud, hugging the older man despite the latter's protest of being making fun of,

"I'll give this to you instead, okay?"

The older man lit up happily, "Really? You'll give it to me?"

Changmin nodded, taking the watch off and giving it to his husband when they both arrived at their car. He watched his husband get into the passenger's seat before walking over to the driver's side and smiled up at the night sky.

I'll have to thank Junsu one day, even though the idiot wouldn't know what for.

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq/jyj, pairing: changmin/fc, pairing: changmin/jaejoong
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