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Dangerously Addictive [1/??]

Title: Dangerously Addictive
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: Mystery/Drama/Tragedy/Angst
Rating: NC-17 (beginning and end), PG-13 (middle)
Warning: Character death(s) and un-beta'd
Summary: Jaejoong needed security, understanding, and love. But the thrill of leading others into his web and seeing them succumb to their deaths, drives a different desire, one that's too late to turn back from.

It was always like this, waking up at around 10pm and then rummaging around his scarce apartment looking for clothes to put on his back. It had been a while since his last batch of cash and it was about time to find more. Jaejoong felt the itch, the adrenaline pumping through his veins. He was ready to find a new victim tonight.

The club was only a few blocks down from where he lived, and it couldn't have been more convenient for him to go and drink his troubles away. He walked up to the building, a long line of people were already there and he could hear the blaring music from inside. Jaejoong flashed his ID at the bouncer and was let in easily.

Immediately, he was drowned in darkness with strobes of flashing colored lights lighting up the dance floor and loud, bumping music blaring in his ear. He headed straight to the bar to order a drink before walking up the metal staircase to the catwalk where he could survey the whole dance floor to find his one victim for the night.

It wasn't long until he found the perfect prey. The man stood out with the way he swung his hips, but it was unfortunate that the man had an average looking face. Jaejoong took a sip of his beverage carefully, eyes never leaving the figure dancing freely on the dance floor and pulled out a small plastic bag from his jean pocket. He smiled at the white powder,

"I'm going to have some fun tonight."

He laced his drink before heading down the stairs to the dance floor. Jaejoong had the person locked in his sights, but once he was on the dance floor, he couldn't see the man anymore. He pushed past sweaty bodies until he spotted the man leaving the dance floor and heading over to the bar area. Jaejoong pushed his way over and tapped the man on the shoulders. The man turned around as he flashed a friendly smile,

"Hey . . ."

"Uh, hey . . ." the man said and turned back to order his drink, but Jaejoong pushed the red drink into the man's hands. The man looked at him in shock and confusion but Jaejoong just smirked,

"I saw you dancing out there earlier and thought maybe if I bought you a drink, you could repay me with a little dance. How about it?"

The man felt quite uncomfortable when a hand stroked down his arm to play with his fingers. Jaejoong noticed the man hesitating for a bit before he felt his cup being pushed back into his hands.

"I can pay for my own drink. Thanks, though."

Jaejoong pouted. Usually he would venture off to find someone new when he was rejected, but this person, he felt like it was someone that he only had one chance of meeting and he wasn't willing to let that type of person go just yet,

"Come on. Don't you think this drink is as red and luscious as my own lips?"

Jaejoong heard the man's breath hitch as he played with the man's ear with his tongue. He slowly pushed his drink into the man's hands just as he pressed his lips against the man's softer ones, hoping it was enough to distract him into taking the drink. The man was hesitant with the sudden press of lips against his, but Jaejoong knew that the man was no blushing virgin. Jaejoong pushed harder into the kiss until they both stumbled into a dark corner off to the side of the bar. A bit of the drink sloshed onto his hand and Jaejoong let out a sound of annoyance but was soon cut off by the hot tongue invading his mouth. A jolt of surprise ran through his body and he groaned into the rough mouth. The sexual desire between them was too hard to ignore, but Jaejoong reluctantly pulled away to catch his breath,

"Want to come home with me tonight?"

The man seemed to have forgotten his suspicion in the drink as he drained the contents within a few seconds. Jaejoong rubbed his hip into the man's crotch suggestively but the man seemed to stop him,


Jaejoong frowned at the second refusal he had gotten that night, "Can't? Or won't?"

"I have a boyfriend," the man admitted. For a split second, Jaejoong almost felt guilty for the boyfriend but then the thought vanished as he remembered about the other victims he had claimed before, who also left some family and significant other behind. This one was no different.

"Oh? But he wouldn't mind if he was able to let you go into this kind of place, right? So . . ." Jaejoong began to push his body against the man once again but the man pulled away,

"No, I'm sorry. I'm here to dance and nothing more. It's something I do to get some stress out of my system."

When the man was ready to leave, he slightly stumbled to the side. Jaejoong watched carefully as the man before him slowly pieced together what was happening to him with the now empty glass in his hand,

"You . . ."

"Sorry, babe. But I got to do, what I got to do," Jaejoong turned to disappear into the crowd but not before he was snagged by his jacket. Jaejoong looked back at the gasping man who was now clutching his throat, trying desperately to breathe. Jaejoong smirked. The drug was finally doing its job. Even with the sudden change in the man's movement, the people around them still had no idea what was happening and it wouldn't be long before they found a dead body of a man on the floor, foaming at the mouth. Jaejoong needed to escape before that happened and fast.

"You . . . " the man's voice was rasp now, hands shaking violently while trying to hold onto the jacket. Jaejoong shook the man off with ease and the man fell to his knees, pain and confusion flashed on his face. There was no time for him to feel the slightest bit of guilt for the man. It was what he lived for, and so, he ran out of the building, breathing in the fresh air of the night.

Halfway to his apartment, Jaejoong stopped next to a streetlight and pulled out the brown leather wallet that he had managed to steal and looked through its contents. He whistled at the amount of credit cards and cash he found,

"He's totally loaded. That boyfriend of his was lucky to have snagged a rich man, but not anymore."

Then he came upon the man's ID and smirked, "Kim Junsu . . ."

After testing the name on his tongue a few times, he realized that the name sounded familiar. But the face wasn't someone he had seen before, even though he had a nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach. He swore he heard the name somewhere.

"Weird, I need another drink."

He pulled out his cellphone and speed dialed his friend. He needed to drown out his thoughts before the guilt consumed him like it always did. He needed to be drunk. Now.

"Hey. What are you doing tonight? Want to spend the night drinking with me? What? Boyfriend? Why are you waiting for him? I need to be comforted tonight too. Come on, please? My treat."


Jaejoong downed three shots of soju before his friend entered the bar and ordered his own drink, cola with a shot of whiskey.

"So what's up? You've never treated before," the man asked. Jaejoong tipped another shot,

"Neither have you, so it's even."

"Sure," the friend scoffed and thanked the bartender before sipping his drink.

"So your boyfriend was supposed to show up, but he didn't? Must've been cheating on you," Jaejoong scoffed, half drunk. The other man turned to narrow his eyes at him. Jaejoong turned away at the knowing look and sighed.

"He's not the type to cheat," the voice was firm. Jaejoong raised an eyebrow,

"Oh? He's another man, Yoochun-ah. All men have this sex drive that does not turn off."

"Although that may be true," Yoochun hesitated, "but my Su isn't like that."

"Su?" Jaejoong chuckled and took another shot of soju, "What a stupid name."

"It's a nickname. Besides, even if I tell you his name, it wouldn't matter to you," Yoochun took another sip.

"Oh?" Jaejoong scoffed, "Try me."

"You wouldn't know," Yoochun waved his friend off, "He's in the model industry."

"Model? So, you work for him or something like that?" Jaejoong asked and Yoochun nodded, playing around with the ice cubes in his drink,

"Something like that."

"Describe him," Jaejoong said, very interested in this mystery boyfriend. Yoochun looked at him and chuckled,

"Why? To get your seal of approval? It's far too late for that."

"I'm your best friend, I should know who this person is like," Jaejoong smirked.

"Well, he's really ugly," Yoochun said with a playful smirk and Jaejoong just laughed along,

"Okay, what else?"

"He has this killer butt."

"Wait, are we talking about your boyfriend or some whore you had on the side?" Jaejoong pouted.

"My boyfriend. His butt is squishable, looks like a duck's butt."

"Proof?" Jaejoong wondered with interest. Yoochun sighed and began fiddling with his phone,

"Well, if only he'd picked up my call then he could meet you."

"Try calling him again. He can't be that busy," Jaejoong said and Yoochun tried once again. Jaejoong took another sip of soju when he faltered on the name that tumbled from his friend's lips.

"Hey Junsu, call me when you get this. I have something to tell you. Bye."

"J-Junsu?" Jaejoong stuttered, eyes wide. He placed his shot glass back on the table in shock. Yoochun snapped his cellphone shut and returned to his drink and nodded,

"Yup. Didn't I tell you? His name is Kim Junsu."

"K-Kim . . ." Jaejoong felt the bile rise in his throat.

Kim Junsu

"E-Excuse me," Jaejoong quickly got up, bumping into Yoochun in the process and headed to the bathroom. Yoochun stared after his friend and noticed a small plastic bag on the floor.

"He can't be . . ."


"Oh god," Jaejoong retched into the toilet. So that's where he had heard the name before. Yoochun.

He coughed into the toilet before flushing the contents away and walked out to see Yoochun standing there next to the sink, waiting for him.

"Too much to drink, Jae?"

Jaejoong avoided his friend's glare and washed his mouth out. He wiped the water away from his lips with shaky hands,

"Yeah, yeah . . . must've been."

"Are you . . . Are you doing that again?"

The question caught Jaejoong off-guard. He looked up at his friend,

"Do what?"

Yoochun began looking around, acting quite suspicious before kneeling down to check the cubicles. That's when Jaejoong knew what Yoochun was trying to do. He quickly tried to escape but Yoochun easily caught his wrist in a firm grasp,

"We're going to talk, Jaejoong. You can't leave until we talk."

Yoochun turned to close and lock the bathroom door.

"What's there to talk about?" Jaejoong gruffed, crossing his arms across his chest. Yoochun tossed a small plastic bag at Jaejoong to which the latter caught it. Jaejoong looked down and his eyes widened. He quickly searched his pockets for his drug and found them empty.

"You dropped it when you came in here. Are you picking up that habit again? I thought you said you wouldn't do it anymore? Are you not satisfied until you dispose of everyone on this planet? It's damaging to you and everyone around you! You can go to jail, Jaejoong. JAIL!"

Jaejoong chewed on his lip, angry at himself for making such a crucial mistake, angry at Yoochun for finding out and making everything his business, and angry at Kim Junsu for being his unexpected victim of the night.

"Don't act like you know anything about me, Park Yoochun. I'm just your friend. Nothing you do or say can ever change my mind. If I don't get caught, then it's fine isn't it?" Jaejoong glowered. Yoochun stared heatedly back,

"It's because I'm your friend that I'm worrying. I don't want you to get caught."

"And I won't, if you keep your mouth shut," Jaejoong grumbled.

"Jaejoong . . ." Yoochun sighed and Jaejoong pocketed what's left of his drug before walking past his friend and towards the door. He took one look back at Yoochun before unlocking the exit,

"I'm leaving and as promised, I will pay for the bill."

"Jae!" Yoochun turned around, but Jaejoong had already left the bathroom.


"Only one victim," a man sighed, kneeling down next to the dead man. The club had been cleared minutes before they had arrived and the people in the club were advised not to touch anything.

"I'm guessing that murderer is at it again. How many months has it been since the last incident, Changmin?"

Changmin stood back up, "About a month or two? I guess he was getting anxious."

"He? What makes you think it's a him?"

"Yunho, do you not know who this man is?" Changmin pointed to the body. Yunho shook his head,

"His wallet wasn't on his body."

"It's Kim Junsu," Changmin said, hoping it'll jog his partner's memory. Yunho was still confused.

"Here," Changmin took them both out to his car, letting another detective take over. He opened his glove compartment and pulled out a magazine with a picture of a model on front.

"So he's a model. What about it?" Yunho still didn't understand what Changmin wanted to point out.

"Kim Junsu is gay. He would never be enticed by a woman."

"Oh . . ."

"Our earlier victims were guys too but they were into women, so it was natural to think that the perpetrator would be a female. But tonight, we found a clear indication that the person we're looking for is a male."

"And how would we find him this time? Last time, there were no evidence that lead us to him," Yunho wondered. Changmin returned to the crime scene and picked up a plastic bag containing a cellphone,

"We could always start interviewing his contact list."


When Jaejoong arrived home to his apartment, he began kicking everything and throwing anything. If his neighbors had anything to complain about to the landlord or even to the police, he wouldn't want to stop them. Like he had anything to be searched for other than the drug in his pocket.

"Stupid Kim Junsu! Stupid Park Yoochun! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Jaejoong raged. Tears ran down his cheeks as he cursed. He slid down to the floor and bashed his head pitifully against the wall. Why did his life have to be so messed up?

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omo~~!!!!(O_O)didnt guess tjat joongie was gonna murder duckbutt and then find out hes his bff boyfriend????ㅜㅜpoor su and poor yoosu wana cry for them and resurrect su haha bit bad messed up joongie is interesting and cool and so is investigator min!hehe tracking down jae shud be fun~~~!ill be following this^^
I don't know why I love torturing Junsu and Jaejoong so much. =/ Jaejoong seems to fit any type of character, so putting him in such a situation was easy. Well, I'm not so sure Min will agree with you that tracking down Jae is fun. ^^
oooooh... this is not going to turn out good for jaejoong...
a dark fiction...

Yup. Since I know how the ending goes, yeah I feel bad for Jae. And it's sort of like a dark fic. ^^