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Sane Among The Masses

Title: Sane Among The Masses
POV: Changmin
Inspiration: Post Lawsuit. I wrote this after reading Pazz-And-Jop's, Beautiful Evil where Changmin tweets to his hyungs.

Freedom of Speech,
a privilege that many people seem to abuse.
Using it as a means of blackmail,
to hurt and torture others.
I have become one of such people.

No one knows,
not even the brother I grew to love and trust.
But it's a secret I have,
to become someone who is unlike me,
say the familiar words that only a few special people will know,
and then hide behind the mass of words that only I can say.

It is those few words every night that I write,
that gives me the comfort I need,
to stop missing you and from digging myself deeper into regret.
But I know that even if I write these words,
you will never see them,
find out that it's me reaching for you.
And it's okay,
because in your heart,
you have already given up.

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq/jyj, poetry
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