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Unexpected Savior

Title: Unexpected Savior
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Idea: StarCandy Challenge Prompt #21: Juice
Video Reference: Bigeastation 114
Summary: At midnight is where things like to come out and play.

"Fuck. Fuck. So close, right there," Jaejoong curled his body into the younger man above him as he came with a groan. He whined when Changmin's body fell on top of him with a grunt.

Jaejoong squirmed under the heavy weight, "Changmin, move. We have to shower. We can't sleep in this mess."

"We can always wake up early to shower. It's midnight right now and I don't feel like getting up," Changmin mumbled sleepily against Jaejoong's bare shoulder.

"No, now get up," Jaejoong pushed until Changmin reluctantly rolled over. He managed to put both feet on the floor before feeling something crawl over his toes. Jaejoong yelped and jumped back into bed. Changmin yanked his crushed arm from under the other's body,

"What the hell, hyung?"

"Something just crawled across my feet," Jaejoong squeaked, "I think it was a cockroach."

"Ew, gross hyung."

"Kill it, Changmin," Jaejoong said and proceed to push the other man towards the edge of the bed. Changmin fought back,

"No, you do it. You're the oldest, so shouldn't you be the one that's not scared of a tiny cockroach?"

"Oldest? You're the tallest! You can squish that thing easily!" Jaejoong fired back, trying his very best to push the younger man off the bed. Changmin managed to easily flip Jaejoong over so that the other was barely hanging over the edge, but Jaejoong clung on tightly, digging his blunt nails into the other's skin.

"Ow, hyung! Let go!"

"No! Wait! Wait, stop pushing! Junsu! We can call Junsu!" Jaejoong shouted frantically.

"Junsu?" Changmin stopped and Jaejoong quickly took the chance to climb over the other man and pressed himself against the wall,

"Don't you remember? You did a segment with Yoochun and Junsu on Bigeastation about cockroaches?"

"Oh, that's right . . . But what if he's asleep right now?" Changmin wondered. Jaejoong searched the bedside table for his phone and called Junsu immediately even though the other man was probably just a door over.

At first when the ringing on the other line continued, they thought that Junsu wasn't going to pick up, but then,

"Hyung, what? Why are you calling me? Aren't you in bed right now?"

Jaejoong ignored how the other man's voice was thick with sleep and whispered into the phone, "We -- I am, but . . . Look, can you come over? There's a cockroach in my room."

"We? If Changmin's over there, why can't he do it?" Jaejoong heard the other man sigh.

"He's scared too," Jaejoong said with a look over to where Changmin was laying, who glared back at him.

"Fine, hang up."

Jaejoong hung up, "He's coming."

"Good, because I'm not about to go to sleep until that cockroach is dead," Changmin scooted up against the headboard just as the door to the room opened and the light flickered on. Both Jaejoong and Changmin winced at the bright light and covered their bodies with the blanket before focusing their attention on Junsu who stood in the doorway with a flyswatter. Changmin wasn't impressed with the other man's choice of weapon,

"A flyswatter. Really, hyung?"

"Look, I don't have to help you. I can just leave and go back to sleep," Junsu challenged the younger man. Jaejoong nudged at the youngest, jerking his chin towards their other band member and sneered,

"He offered to help, who cares how he does it."

Changmin rolled his eyes, "Do what you have to do."

"This is what I get for being forced to wake up to take care of a little insect," Junsu muttered and walked forward into the room,

"So, where is this creature?"

"I think it's under the bed somewhere," Jaejoong said and pressed his back against the wall and away from the edge of the bed. Both Jaejoong and Changmin watched as Junsu crouched down on the floor and looked under the bed.

"It's too dark, I think I need a flashlight."

Just as Junsu turned to leave the room, Changmin spotted the cockroach running out from underneath the bed and quickly hiding in the small dark corner under a desk that was nearby. He nearly squeaked in surprise and clung onto his older hyung,

"It's right there! Under the table!"

Junsu turned around and crept towards the desk, the flyswatter raised in a 'ready-to-go' position. He moved the computer chair out of the way and the cockroach quickly darted out of the shadows. Both Jaejoong and Changmin clung together on the bed, clenching their eyes when Junsu squashed the brown bug under his bed slippers, the crunch of the cockroach was distinctly heard in the quiet room.

"That's so gross, hyung. Clean it up," Changmin said when the other man lifted up his leg to see the cockroach flat and its guts spilled out.

"I risked my clean bed slippers and now they're covered in cockroach juice. You should at least clean this up," Junsu said and walked out with his dirty bed slipper in hand.

Changmin looked over at his hyung, "You do it. I'm going to bed."

Jaejoong watched in disbelief when the youngest laid back against the pillow and pulled the covers over himself.

"Yah, you have to help me."

"I wasn't the one who wanted a shower. So you can clean up the cockroach and go take your shower like you wanted. I'm sleeping," Changmin said and turned his back on the older man. Jaejoong bit his lip and cringed when he looked over at the squished bug on his bedroom floor. He groaned, inching himself up off his bed and avoiding the bug like the plague before quickly escaping out of his bedroom, hoping that he could persuade Junsu with something to help get rid of the cockroach that's staining his floor.

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq/jyj, pairing: changmin/jaejoong
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