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Marry Me

Title: Marry Me
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Idea: Prompt for 30 Days OTP Challenge on Tumblr
Summary: Patience is a virtue.

After the mini fight he had with Jaejoong a month ago, of who was going to propose to who first, Changmin knew that he had the perfect proposal in the bag.

"You know ... Jaejoong came up to me the other day all frustrated and disappointed, saying that you won't marry him."

"Jaejoong says all sorts of things," Changmin commented, half paying attention to the man drawling in the desk next to him and half on the fashion magazine in front of him.

"So it's not true? You didn't deny his proposal?" the man wondered. Changmin placed his pen down in exasperation,

"Yoochun, are you going to help me edit this magazine spread for publishing tomorrow or are you just going to sit there and gossip about my love life?"

Yoochun scoffed as if the answer was obvious,

"Your love life, of course. You know that Boa-sshi's going to find something in the magazine that needs changing for no reason at all because she's mean like that. So, I don't see a reason to care about this stupid magazine."

"Then go home. I need to finish this," Changmin returned back to his work.

"No can do. Strict orders from your husband-to-be. Besides, did you forget? I'm your partner in editing," Yoochun ended with a yawn.

Changmin raised a brow, "Orders? From Jaejoong? Can't he wait patiently for my proposal?"

"Well, it's natural to be curious," Yoochun shrugged. Changmin sighed,

"I'm not saying a thing. He'll just have to wait a little longer."


"Changmin didn't come home last night ... Why is that Yoochun?"

Yoochun sighed and locked his front door, holding his phone tight against his ear, "He had to work overnight. I think that might've been my fault."

"Are you sure it's not him ignoring me on purpose?"

"I am sure. Now can I please get to work without getting into an accident?"

"Fine. I'll just pester Changmin if he decides to come home tonight."

"Good," Yoochun started his car and hung up. He looked over at the sketches in the seat next to him,

"The things I do for you two."


"So, did you get the sketches done?" Changmin asked the moment Yoochun walked in the door. Yoochun placed the papers onto the desk and Changmin quickly looked through them.

"And pray tell, why am I doing this? Shouldn't it be your proposal to Jaejoong?" Yoochun wondered, placing his work bag on the back of his chair.

"You didn't want to help me with our project last night, so to make up for your time, you had to do something for me," Changmin said and nodded with approval at the work his partner gave.

"So what happened?" Yoochun wondered and shrugged off his coat, "Did we make it on time?"

Changmin sneered, "We? I did most of the work."

"Okay, so did you get the magazine in on time? What did Boa-sshi say?" Yoochun asked and hung his coat on the back of his seat.

"She liked it," Changmin shrugged. Yoochun frowned and slowly sat in his seat,

"Really? That's not like her."

"Well ... she's more interested in my proposal for Jaejoong ..." Changmin confessed. Yoochun scooted closer,

"What?! You mean ..." Yoochun quieted to a whisper when he noticed their co-workers looking over at them,

" ... You involved our boss in this?"

"Well, in order for my surprise to work, I had to get her approval," Changmin said and began editing the sketches.

"Your surprise ... you mean the proposal?"

"Did you knock your head on something? Yes, my surprise proposal for Jaejoong."

"Ah ... Now I get it. So you're going to propose to Jaejoong through the magazine? That's romantic," Yoochun nodded with a purse of his lips. Changmin placed his pen down and turned to the other man with a resigned sigh,

"And ... I need your help with it as well."


"Just how did I get stuck between them? First, I had to go and spy on Changmin and find out what Changmin's planning for Jaejoong, and now I have to send the magazine to Jaejoong for Changmin? Can they stop including me in their little fights? I have my own life to live as well ..." Yoochun grumbled, finally arriving at the apartment building that his two friends shared.

"Jaejoong has a day off today, so it'll be the perfect time for the magazine to get to him. Can you please deliver this to Jaejoong?"

Yoochun looked down at the magazine in his hands. He successfully placed the magazine in the mail box thanks to the key Changmin had given him before he was sent on his way. He waited nearby until he noticed Jaejoong coming down to get the mail. He almost smirked when he saw the other man glance at the glossy book.

"It's going according to Changmin's plan," Yoochun whispered, watching the other man walk back into the elevator, "Jaejoong will look through the magazine and then they'll patch up --"

The phone in his pocket began to vibrate and he looked at the caller ID. He was surprised to find that Jaejoong was calling him.


"It's been a month and still no word of the proposal. How can he make me wait when I know that he'll propose to me?" Jaejoong said, pressing the elevator button for the 9th floor and went straight for the magazine he got in the mail, hoping that by going through it, it'll ease his frustration. It was his favorite brand of magazine even before he knew Changmin was working for the particular publishing company.

"Just because he's been busy with work, doesn't mean he should ignore me as well. The proposal is more important than work any day," Jaejoong pouted, leafing through the magazine. He stopped halfway through the magazine where the words, Will you marry me, Kim Jaejoong? were displayed in big letters across the two page spread. He dropped the magazine in shock and immediately picked it up, returning back to the particular page and stared at it for a second time.

"This is ..." Jaejoong quickly called Yoochun and ordered the other man to see him. He got off the elevator and headed back inside his apartment to wait for his best friend to arrive. He didn't have to wait long before the other man walked in through the front door.

"Oh ... Jaejoong. What is it? I was in the middle of work."

"Did you know about this?" Jaejoong held up the magazine.

"Oh, that's our new issue. Wow, it looks pretty good," Yoochun ignored the question and looked through the magazine.

"No, I meant about this," Jaejoong snatched the magazine back and flipped to the page where the proposal was and showed it to the other man. Yoochun took the magazine into his hands and read the message,

"Wow. So is this Changmin's surprise proposal? Quite elaborate, don't you think?"

"This is not the time to be impressed! What if this was printed in every distributed magazine? What will happen then?" Jaejooong shouted. Yoochun shook his head,

"That's not likely. Why would Changmin do that? He's not big on making a public announcement about his love life. I think it's safe to say that he placed the proposal in this particular magazine for you to see only."

Yoochun took back the magazine and spotted a barcode at the bottom of the page in the right-hand corner,

"Hey, take out your phone. I think Changmin included a video for you here."

Jaejoong obeyed with confusion and took out his phone.

"Did you download the QR Code Reader app?" Yoochun asked. He realized that he was probably more excited about what's happening than Jaejoong seemed to be. Jaejoong shook his head,

"No, what is that?"

Yoochun sighed, "Nevermind. I'll do it for you."

Jaejoong waited, frowning as Yoochun did something with his phone and then in the next minute his phone was returned to him,

"Now, hover your camera over the QR Code and open the URL."

Jaejoong did what he was told and a video popped up.

"Jae, did I make you wait long? Wait just a little longer. When this video ends, I want you to pack your suitcase and get to Incheon International Airport by seven. I'll be waiting."

"Is this a joke?" Jaejoong eyed his best friend the moment the video was over, but Yoochun raised his hands in defense. He quickly called Changmin, but the other man didn't pick up. He tried again, but this time the phone was turned off. He sent a glare over to Yoochun,

"Either he's ignoring me on purpose to avoid getting scolded or he's having fun playing these cat and mouse games with me."

Yoochun laughed, "So you don't believe that Changmin's serious about any of this?"

"Of course not! It's too much for one person to come up with. Unless, he had help of course. Tell me, Yoochun. Did you help him do this?"

"Me? Never. You know I don't like doing any type of hard work."

"But this work is up your alley," Jaejoong scrutinized the other man. Yoochun thought about it and agreed,

"True. But like Changmin said in the video, you have to pack your things and meet him at the airport. You don't want to miss your flight, right?"

Jaejoong was pulled from the couch and pushed down the hall to his shared bedroom with Changmin.

"Now where's your suitcase? The bastard told me I had to pack his suitcase as well because he wasn't able to come home for the past two days . . . Oh, fuck," Yoochun muttered and winced at his slip of tongue. Jaejoong only stared at him with an 'I knew it' expression. Yoochun cleared his throat and looked away,

"Well, now that the secret is out . . . Can you please pack your suitcase? Changmin will kill me if you guys missed your flight."

Yoochun pulled some of Changmin's clothes from the closet while Jaejoong dug towards the back of the closet and pulled out two suitcases and a carry-on bag.

"Why an extra suitcase?"

"Wherever Changmin is taking me ... I know there's going to be some souveniors there. Plus, you think I wouldn't go shopping?"

"Right ..." Yoochun inwardly rolled his eyes. How could he forget about Jaejoong's love of shopping?

"Before we go, I have to tell my boss about this. How long is Changmin going to keep me away?"

"No need. Changmin had his boss speak with your boss about what's happening, so you're good to go," Yoochun explained. Jaejoong shook his head in amazement,

"He planned this thoroughly, didn't he?"

"He did. Now hurry up. We don't want to keep him waiting. You know how he is when people don't arrive on time."

Jaejoong rolled his eyes and scoffed, "Did you forget? I live with him, so I know exactly what you mean."


"Did you pack everything like I told you to?" Changmin immediately asked when both Jaejoong and Yoochun finally arrived at the airport, his hand outstretched for his suitcase. Yoochun handed the suitcase over to the younger man and waited until he got the nod that he did a good job.

Changmin then turned to Jaejoong, "Let's go, the gate is already open."

Jaejoong only stood there with arms crossed about his chest and a firm glare toward his fiancé, "This is your proposal, Shim Changmin?"

"What? It's way better than how you proposed to me a month ago."

Jaejoong let his jaw drop at the comment before composing himself with a small scoff,

"Whatever. So where are we going?"

"Not telling," Changmin answered.

"No matter, I'll just check my ticket," Jaejoong reached for his ticket in Changmin's hand but the younger man lifted his arm out of reach,

"Not until I have my answer."

"Answer?" Jaejoong furrowed his brow before remembering why they were at the airport in the first place. He cleared his throat and tried to be cool about the whole thing, but the look of expectancy on Changmin's face and the anticipation on Yoochun's face, had him throwing away the sarcastic remark that was bubbling up inside of him and instead, answered with what he really felt,

"Yes, Shim Changmin. I will marry you."

The romantic moment was then interrupted by Yoochun,

"Finally. Now, in the future, don't include me in one of your plans, alright?"

"Can't guarantee that, hyung. But we'll try," Changmin said with a chuckle. Yoochun smiled,

"Have fun, you two."

Jaejoong gave a goodbye wave as he and Changmin went through the baggage screening. Seeing both of his friends link hands as they disappeared from view, Yoochun happily made his way back home.

"Finally, some peace and quiet."

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq/jyj, pairing: changmin/jaejoong
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