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Spoiled Rotten

Title: Spoiled Rotten
Pairing: Jaejoong/Changmin
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Rating: PG
Idea: Prompt from 30 Days OTP Challenge on tumblr and this gifset.
Summary: The reason why Changmin planned a trip to the mall, was so he could show off his hyung ... and maybe get some new toys in the process.

"So, what did he say? Is it a go?" Changmin heard his friend say over his shoulder. He nodded and looked down at his text where his boyfriend had agreed to accompany them to the mall after school.

"Awesome! It's a good thing you know an upperclassman like Kim-sshi. Now, I don't have to lie to my mother," his other friend said. Changmin ignored the boy and focused solely on his cellphone, grinning from ear to ear. He was so going to get his money's worth of toys.


The moment they all arrived at the mall, the two group of friends decided to split up and do their own thing.

"I'll be over at the record store. So when you're done, call me," Jaejoong said to Changmin and the younger boy nodded,

"Come on, Kyuhyun. Minho."

Changmin entered the toy store with his two best friends and immediately headed towards the aisle where they held the Lego Gundam Figurines. He went to work on getting everything that he didn't already own, not even paying attention to the price tags below each seat of figurines. The stack of figurine boxes continued to grow and grow until he and Minho were completely hidden by them and Kyuhyun had to be their eyes, directing them to where the cashier was.

Changmin grinned when he and Minho placed all twenty boxes onto the counter and waited for the man to ring him up. But as he watched his bill total slowly rise, the giddiness of getting everything he wanted, was diminishing.

"Your total is two-hundred and eighteen thousand won," the man said, packaging the final box into the bag. Changmin knew that he didn't have two-hundred thousand won, much less eighteen thousand won extra.

He paid for the toys with all of the money he had in his wallet. When the cashier waited for the rest of the money, Changmin only whispered,

"That's all I have."

The cashier then turned to Kyuhyun who backed away,

"I didn't bring any money."

The cashier looked over at Minho, but the boy shook his head as well.

"Then I guess I'll take these five bags back ..." the man said but Changmin stopped him,

"Wait! I know where I can get more money!"

"You do?" Minho wondered. Changmin quickly sent an urgent message to Jaejoong, hoping that by exaggerating his situation, it'll make the older boy come running.

"He'll be here with the money, I promise."


Jaejoong looked at his phone when he received a text message. He read what Changmin had sent him and almost rushed out of the store to get to where the other boy was. His friend followed behind, wondering if something happened. When Jaejoong arrived at the toy store, he found Changmin at the cash register with a large pout on his face. But once he saw the younger boy spotted him entering through the store's entrance, the boy smiled brightly,

"Here he is, mister."

Jaejoong walked up to the other boy, "What's wrong? What do you mean the cashier won't let you out of the store?"

"Will you be the one to pay for the rest of these boxes?" the man at the register stated, gesturing over to five more bags of toys that weren't in Changmin's possession. Jaejoong grimaced at the remaining toys and hesitantly looked at the angry man,

"How much?"

"A hundred thousand and three hundred fifty-one won," the man answered with a cold glare. Jaejoong snapped his head to the now sheepish boy.

"Changmin, what?!"

Changmin looked at him from under his lashes, "You can pay for them, right? I thought you brought your credit card with you ..."

Jaejoong felt like wringing the boy's neck, "Yes, but -- "

"That's great! You can use that to pay for the toys! I was a bit short on money ... If I had known that I would buy all of these, I would've brought more money with me. But I promise I'll pay you back one day," Changmin pleaded.

Jaejoong glared hatefully at the happy boy and grumbled under his breath as he pulled out his wallet. He yanked his credit card out of its pocket and gave it to the cashier who made sure that the purchase was made before returning the card. Jaejoong went to sign his name and immediately the bags were gathered up by Changmin who had a grin on his face that stretched from ear to ear.

"You're so lucky, Changmin. I wish I had a hyung like Jaejoong-sshi who can spoil me," Jaejoong heard one of Changmin's friends whisper. Jaejoong wanted to sneer at the words but one look at his own friend smirking, made him wished he didn't come along with them for their shopping trip. He glanced back at Changmin's excited face and glowered.

This is all your fault.

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq/jyj, pairing: jaejoong/changmin
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