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Close Call

Title: Close Call
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Changmin and Jaejoong are captured by the very enemy they're trying to arrest. Will they learn to work together or will their bickering get them killed?

It was dark, everything was dark when he opened his eyes with a groan. He could still feel the back of his head throb from the hit he received with the butt of a gun. The slight sounds of chains rattling, indicated that he was chained to a wall.

"Damn it, it's all Jaejoong-hyung's fault," Changmin grumbled, trying his hardest to get free from the chains that were shackled to both of his wrists.

"If I'm to blame, then you're at fault too."

Changmin widened his eyes, "Hyung?! Wh-Where are you?"

A groan came from next to him, "No need to shout, Changmin-ah . . . I'm right here ..."

Changmin narrowed his eyes, "So you didn't escape. As expected . . . So how are we going to get help now?"

"What do you mean, as expected? You're the one who had to get yourself knocked out. The least you could do was thank me for trying to help you get out!"

"Yeah, but you got captured too, so there's no need to thank you," Changmin muttered. Jaejoong huffed,

"Next time, I'll escape by myself and let you die alone."

Before Changmin could respond, there was a sound of a door slamming open and closed and heard footsteps approaching them. Changmin and Jaejoong both closed their eyes, hoping that the act would make their capturers believe that they were still unconscious.

"Wake up!"

Changmin's eyes shot open in pain at the slap across his face.

"Don't touch him!" Changmin heard the man next to him shout and then another slap was heard,


Changmin shook his head and tried to shake off the ringing in his ear. The room was now a bit brighter than earlier and he could finally see their kidnappers.

The man in front of him was young, unlike how movies usually portray the gangster headman; perverted and chubby with a cigarette between his lips. This one was presented nicely, like a regular businessman off the streets.

The man walked forward and grasped Changmin's chin, "Who sent you?"

Jaejoong struggled against his restraints at the action. The man sneered in annoyance and turned slightly to say a short command. In the next second, one of his goons pushed a hard fist into Jaejoong's stomach. Changmin closed his eyes as he heard the crack of bones and the coughing from the man next to him,

"Don't hurt him, please."

He never had to beg. He hated begging to people that he never trusted. But, this was a situation that he had no choice but to obey. The life of the very one he trusted the most was in danger.

"Fine," the man returned to him, "Then tell me who set you up to this. And what does this person hope to gain when he finally put me behind bars?"

"D-Don't tell him, Changmin-ah . . ." Jaejoong struggled out. The man closed his eyes and Changmin could see the irritation behind closed lids. He grit his teeth and spoke up before the man could try something else to Jaejoong,

"Jung Yunho."

"CHANGMIN!" Jaejoong screamed, fighting harder against his restraints. The man smirked, loving the way Jaejoong was angry and ready to rip the man in front of him to shreds and knew that the man had told him the truth.

"Jung Yunho, huh?"

"Damn you, Changmin. I never knew that you could be a traitor to your own kind . . ." Jaejoong spat.

"And? What else?" the man ushered. Changmin had his head down. Jaejoong glared at his partner,

"I swear if you say another word out of your mouth, I'll rip you in half."

Changmin smirked at the threat and cocked his head to the side, gauging his partner's reaction. Jaejoong's breathing was labored, no doubt from the pain in his abdomen and his eyes shone with anger and betrayal. His honey-brown hair stuck to his face from the perspiration and knew that it won't be long before the other man passed out from internal injuries. Changmin closed his eyes and turned to the waiting man before him,

"Your arrest --"

"DON'T!" Jaejoong shouted and a resounding bang was heard. A man fell to the floor. Changmin and Jaejoong looked around the room to see who it could be. Another gunshot was heard, and the light of the shot signaled that the person was to their right. Another man fell. The Boss straightened up,

"Come out of there!"

No response, but another shot and another man down. Angry, the man took out his own gun and aimed it at Changmin,

"Do you want him to die? If not, come out right now and show yourself!"

No response, no movement. Finally, shuffles of footsteps was heard and two people came out into the light. Jaejoong raised his lips weakly,

"Yoochun-ah . . . Junsu-yah . . ."

"Hyung . . ." Junsu replied with worry. The man chuckled,

"Yunho's men, huh? He really has outdone himself. Too bad he's --" The man's words stopped as another bang was heard. Changmin felt the warm spray of the man's blood on his face and the man fell forward at his feet. Another clack of footsteps echoed and Yunho walked out from the darkness,

"Thank you for stalling, Changmin-ah."

"No problem," Changmin mumbled and took a look at the man chained up on the wall beside him. Junsu and Yoochun quickly tried to get the now unconscious man down.

"Don't worry, we'll treat him immediately," Changmin turned to the man in front of him, his boss. He could only nod, watching his hyung-deul carry his partner away,

"I'm sorry. I almost revealed . . ."

"But you didn't and he's dead, so there's nothing for you to be sorry about. If someone had threatened my lover that way, I would give up my life too," Yunho said and unlatched the last of the shackles. Changmin rubbed his wrists and tears finally fell down his cheeks,

"I - I almost lost him . . . I - I did everything I could to prevent . . . I . . ."

Yunho placed a hand on his shaking shoulders and nodded, "It's over now, Changmin. It's over now."

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq/jyj, pairing: changmin/jaejoong
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