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Simple Pleasures

Title: Simple Pleasures
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: PG
Summary: Being DBSK meant no breaks, especially on holidays. But Changmin and Jaejoong managed to squeeze in some time to celebrate their love with a trivial game.

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, but in a particular room, in a particular apartment complex, someone's alarm was ringing non-stop.

"Hyung." A nudge.

"Hyung, get up." A rough push.

"Hmm?" the man blinked and tried to get the sleep out of his eyes. He could tell that his bed-mate was irritated,

"Shut it off."

"Shut wha -- Oh," a mumble and a smack before the noise went silent. He was about to go back to sleep when another hard nudge almost sent him off the bed.


"Get up and make us breakfast," the grumbled reply came.

"You can make breakfast yourself, Changmin. You have two feet, two hands, and maybe half of a brain," the man huffed.

"I was busy last night helping Yoochun-hyung with his latest composition, so I got in late. Now, make me food."

The man sighed, giving up. He knew how tiring on the body it was to pull an all-nighter, so for once he could sympathize with the younger man and let the maknae sleep a little longer. He pulled the covers away from his body to which Changmin began pulling them towards himself with a snuggle. The man stared at Changmin and could not believe that he was going out with him of all people.

"Why couldn't I have fallen in love with Yunho instead of this monster?" the man grumbled and went to search for some clothes. They had a scheduled photo-shoot outside that day and due to the weather becoming more chilly as Spring was coming around, he took out a long-sleeved, gray dress shirt with a matching dark gray vest and pants.

By the time he had finished setting everything to cook, he turned to check the calendar. He was surprised when he realized what the date was. He bit his lip as he thought about the maknae in their bed who was still sleeping. They had a long schedule that day and it was likely that they wouldn't get in until early tomorrow morning.

"By then it'll be too late . . ." the man mumbled in thought.

He returned to his food and an idea came to his mind and he quickly rushed to find his laptop. Smiling, he penned the words neatly on a small piece of colored post-it paper and taped it on the maknae's iPod. This was the only way.


Changmin woke up half an hour later to the smell of food and made his way into the kitchen without brushing his teeth or getting dressed.

"Food," he smiled and sat down. He was stopped by the older man,


"You didn't wash up, do that first."

Changmin pouted, "But I'm hungry."

"And you're dirty, have morning breath . . ." Jaejoong rambled and smiled when Changmin held up a hand,


Jaejoong watched as the youngest left down the hall to the bathroom. The leader came into the dining room minutes later, dressed and ready to go. Jaejoong smiled, he definitely should have gone out with the leader instead.

"You're up."

"Yeah," Yunho smiled and sat down at the head of the table and picked up the folded newspaper. Jaejoong set down a cup of black coffee, just like the man wanted it.

"Thank you, Joongie."

"Find someone else to flirt with, hyung. Jaejoong is mine," Changmin replied with a slight glare. He now wore a white, cotton turtleneck and a pair of khakis. Yunho chuckled,

"Don't worry. I'm not going to steal him."

"Are Junsu and Yoochun up yet?" Jaejoong wondered, placing a plateful of food in front of the maknae.

"Yup, they should be showering . . ." Yunho started but Changmin cut him off with a mouthful of food,

"They're still in bed."

"What?!" Yunho placed the newspaper down in shock. Changmin shrugged and shoveled another mouthful of food,

"I saw them cuddling under the blankets when I came back."

Yunho grumbled in annoyance and headed back down the hall to wake up their two remaining members. Now they were both alone and Jaejoong blushed, turning away to plate the rest of the member's food.

"Jae . . . about today . . ." Changmin started but then Yoochun came running into the dining room in only his boxers and hair dripping wet.

"Wh- Yoochun!" Jaejoong scolded.

"Yunho threw water at me! To wake me up!" Yoochun sputtered.

Another pair of footsteps entered and Junsu stood there dripping wet as well.

"I don't deserve this! I don't!" Junsu pouted.

Jaejoong and Changmin both chuckled at their band member's demise before Jaejoong reminded them to hurry up. When their manager came to get them a few minutes later, Changmin noticed a note stuck to his iPod. He looked around and spotted Jaejoong getting into the van first. It was definitely his boyfriend's handwriting.

What is invisible and makes people suffer from symptoms like sweating and nausea, yet people can't survive without it?

Changmin re-read the note once, twice, three times before he realized the general meaning. He had been beating himself up earlier about how to spend their Valentine's Day together and Jaejoong came up with a brilliant idea. Changmin smiled and got into the van, sitting in his designated seat across the aisle from Jaejoong. He loved riddles.


Throughout the day, they did small Valentine promotions for their fans and did some radio and TV shows. Even the questions were all about girlfriends. It certainly did not appeal to both Jaejoong and Changmin who were happily sitting side by side.

"What about you Changmin? What is your ideal girl like?" the female host asked. Changmin frowned, as if thinking hard,

"I like a girl who is clumsy and sort of has a child-like innocence about her."

"Why clumsy? Usually that is seen as bad?"

"Because it makes me want to watch out for her and care for her," Changmin replied and the host nodded her head, finally understanding,

"Ah, so like a gentleman?"

Changmin gave a quick glance at Jaejoong and smiled to the host,

"Yes, like a gentleman."

After the interview was over with, they were being escorted out to the van, when suddenly Jaejoong gave the maknae a little slap to the back,

"Clumsy, huh? And since when did you like that aspect of me?"

Changmin smiled and held the door open and helped Jaejoong in,

"Should I have said my usual response?"

Jaejoong sat in his seat and smirked as Changmin made his way into his own,

"No, that would've been too boring."

Changmin hummed and turned on his iPod, letting the soft melodies lull him into relaxation. As their next schedule came around, Changmin reached out and squeezed the older man's hand when they all exited the van. The sudden action earned a confused look on Jaejoong's face. Changmin just smiled and whispered,


"Hmm?" Their van drove off to find a parking space and Jaejoong stared at his boyfriend. Changmin smiled,

"The answer to, What is invisible and makes people suffer from symptoms like sweating and nausea, yet people can't survive without it? It's love."

Jaejoong blushed at the fact that Changmin had gotten the answer so easily.

"So, my present?"

Jaejoong looked up once again, dumbfounded, "Present?"

"Yeah, I need an award for my hard efforts this morning," Changmin smiled cheekily. Jaejoong lifted his lips in a sneer,

"I knew it."


"Here," Jaejoong pouted during their lunch break and placed a boxed lunch in front of the younger man. Changmin looked up from his meal and blinked,


"You wanted a present. This is it," Jaejoong shrugged and slid into the seat opposite of the hungry maknae. Changmin frowned,

"If that's yours, I'm not going to take it."

"It's not," Jaejoong lied.

"I'm going to ask Yunho-hyung about --" Changmin started and Jaejoong stopped him,

"Fine, it's mine. But what else could I give as a present?"

Changmin smiled and pushed the boxed lunch back towards the older male,

"You can think of something. For now, eat."

Jaejoong began eating his lunch when a bottle of juice slid towards him. Changmin smirked and left to throw away his empty container. Jaejoong grasped the bottle but felt a piece of paper stuck to the back of it. He turned it around and spotted Changmin's handwriting.

I am just two and two / I am warm, I am cold / I am lawful, unlawful / A duty, a fault / I am often sold dear / Good for nothing when bought / An extraordinary boon / And a matter of course / And yielding with pleasure / When taken by force / What am I?

Jaejoong frowned at the message. He looked back at his boyfriend who was now laughing at something Yunho and Junsu were saying and returned to the note, biting his lips. Why did he get the hard one?


Jaejoong mulled over the note during their break between shows. It almost came to a point where he wanted to get out his phone and search for the answer, but he knew it wouldn't be fair if he cheated. It would be the same as his love being a lie and he knew that his love for the maknae wasn't.

A sigh escaped his lips. What was lawful? What was unlawful? And what would create great pleasure in stealing it?

"Still troubling over it?"

Jaejoong looked up to see Changmin smiling down at him. He pouted, the maknae was having too much fun at his demise.

"The answer has to fit with today's theme," Jaejoong warned the maknae.

"Of course. It's me, after all."

"We're going back on air in five minutes!" the producer announced. Jaejoong glared pointedly at Changmin who was now chatting with Yoochun. He huffed once again and looked down at the riddle. He still couldn't figure it out and he was running out of time.


It was finally their last break of the night and three hours left until February 14, 2012 was over. Jaejoong noticed that Changmin had left to the bathroom and he headed over to the staff and asked one of them. He had to know.

"Um, do you know what a boon is?"

"No, I'm sorry," the male staff replied sheepishly. Jaejoong gave a small smile but inside he was irritated. Was there even an easy hint hidden inside the riddle Changmin gave him? He read it over and over when a female voice gasped,

"Omo! A love riddle ~ ! Is that from your girlfriend, Jaejoong-sshi?"

"You could say that," Jaejoong smiled.

"Did you figure out the answer yet?" the woman asked. Jaejoong shook his head,

"No, not yet."

"It's pretty easy," the woman said and Jaejoong jerked his head up,

"Wait, you know the answer?"

The woman smiled, "It's a simple riddle. Just read the last three lines and you'll get it. Good luck."

Jaejoong frowned and re-read the last three lines, "And yielding with pleasure when taken by force. What am I?"

Nothing clicked in his mind.

The producer called everyone back on set and although Jaejoong was immersed with the show, a part of him was still thinking about the Valentine's riddle he had yet to solve.


They all piled into the van when their schedule finally ended. Both Changmin and Jaejoong felt relieved that they were able to return home on Valentine's day with an hour left to spare. The van stalled at a red light and Jaejoong looked out of the window and watched as people were driving home, while some were crossing the road to their destination. And that's when he saw them.

The group of people that were waiting on the sidewalk for their right to cross, began to move and it was then that two people, he guessed was a couple, stood there. He watched as the male leaned in to peck his girlfriend on the lips. The girl then slapped her boyfriend on the arm, quite obvious that she was embarrassed by the sudden action. Jaejoong unconsciously smiled at the scene and everything stopped.

Force. Pleasure.


"A kiss," Jaejoong said when they got out of the van after having safely made it to their apartment. Minutes before their arrival, he had checked his phone and noticed that there was a few minutes left before the day was finally over.

"Hmm? You want a kiss? Now? I never knew you were so bold, hyung," Changmin teased, taking a quick glance at the other members who were making their way inside the building. Jaejoong looked at the maknae in horror and slapped the other man on the shoulder,

"No! I meant the answer to the --" Jaejoong was silenced by the taller man's lips. Changmin leaned back with a smile on his face,

"Happy Valentine's, Jaejoong-hyung."

Jaejoong bit his lips from smiling. With one stolen kiss, he was blushing like the very girl he saw earlier. Shyly, Jaejoong whispered the same words back. Changmin laced their fingers together,

"I'm so happy that we were able to celebrate our love today. With the long schedule, I thought we would miss our first Valentine's together."

Jaejoong nodded, "Me too."

"Love you, hyung," Changmin smiled warmly. Jaejoong returned the gesture and squeezed their linked hands,

"I love you too, Changmin-ah."

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq/jyj, pairing: changmin/jaejoong
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